How to Make Exercises Work For Desired Weight Loss

Weight gain is as a result of burning of energy provided to the body by metabolism. It follows a simple logic that unless one is effective in using up energy, he or she would gain weight and even become obese. The amount of calories that you are able to burn has direct correlation with how much weight loss you can achieve over a period of time. There are those that are said to be poor calorie converters due to genetic makeup and therefore would not have much weight loss through calorie breakdown.

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Weight loss is therefore a direct result of burning energy; this can be achieved better through deliberate effects to burn weight such as exercises or starvation. One however needs to be aware that not all exercises would contribute to weight loss; other exercises are tuned to increasing body weight.

In simple terms, the exercises that are targeted at increased muscle activity would lead to weight gain such as weight lifting; while exercises that are targeted at better functions of the heart such as aerobics would lead to weight loss.

The exercises that lead to muscle building actually lead to faster burning of the energy and foods in the body. This makes the individual feel more hungry and eat more. Therefore, unless accompanied by a very strict diet that provides just what is adequate for the moment, it would lead to greater weight gain.

Aerobics on the other hand increase the burning of glucose in the blood or lymphatic system without having to increase utilization in the cells.

Here are some tips to help you make the exercises work:

Regular exercises: there is no short cut to weight loss other than discipline. The key to weight loss is not in how hard you exercise; rather it is how effective and regularly you exercise. In fact, you need to only do some light exercises frequently to have a weight loss. Simple exercises such as walking every morning for one hour can be very effective. Routine is the key word.

Aim at burning calorie: it is established that you need at least sixty minutes of aerobic exercises to be effective in burning calories. These exercises need to be tailor made for the individual because people with health condition such high blood pressure may need a physician's advice.

Short but planned trainings: this is done at short intervals and is more effective than the many hours of training. It does not have to be a mile of running; it can be as simple as having ten press-ups in the office or breathing in an out in bent position. What is important is that they are done at short intervals and repeated regularly.

Take lots of water during exercises: taking at least 8 glasses of water during the period when you are exercising for weight loss is important because it contributes to the better transport of the waste products and glucose. During aerobic exercises, the cell functions are enhanced and would lead to more products of metabolism.

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