Weight Loss Myths to Avoid

There have been hundreds of quests in weight loss that has reported to be failures. The motivation was there, the perseverance was strong - but what could possibly have gone wrong? It's the information that these people were told. There are a lot of things that people believe about weight loss that are actually untrue.

Weight Loss Myth #1: Thinner People are Healthier.

This is untrue, of course. Just because the person is thin doesn't automatically categorize him or her into being healthier over the bigger person sitting next to them. Healthy people are people who eat right and have enough exercise. Some thin people just don't eat a lot - and they barely do any exercise either. So aim to be fit rather than thin. Fit people are healthy people - too big or too thin are not fit. Exercise is the way to get fit, so start the habit today!

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Weight Loss Myth #2: I Should Limit My Food to Only Healthy Foods

It is true that healthy food contributes to weight loss, but it is untrue that you should limit yourself to only that. Society is abundant with food - a variety of food, actually delicious food, has influenced the eating habits and styles of many, and it has even contributed to the gaining of weight everywhere. However, just because they let you gain weight it doesn't mean that you should go on living without eating them. Cut down, don't cut out. When you cut something out of your lifestyle or diet, you are depriving yourself of having it. When you feel like eating a cookie, have one. If you feel like having an ice cream, have a scoop or two.

The more you deprive yourself, the more craving you get for that food, and the moment you get it, you binge! So your diet should be comprised dominantly of healthy foods - and a bit of junk food once in a while just to cure the cravings are all right.

Weight Loss Myth #3: The More I Exercise, the Healthier I Become

It's true that exercise promotes healthy bodies - but too much exercise is not normal. When you have made exercise into something similar to a career, it may turn out to be as though you've become obsessed with it. If it is getting in the way of your social activities, your family time, your time for yourself or recreation, then it is not good. If it competes with your other activities and end up compromising them because of exercise, then it is becoming unproductive for you. Exercising regularly for about 30 minutes to 1 hour each day is good enough. You don't have to go doing it for hours.

Weight Loss Myth #4: If You Want to Lose Weight, You Should Diet

Technically, it sounds right; but it isn't entirely true. When you want to lose weight, yes you go on a diet to minimize your food intake. But once you've lost those extra pounds, you go back to your old lifestyle, and you gain it back again. Not only do you gain back those pounds that you lost, you gain more - it's your body's natural response. So if you want to lose weight and keep it off for good, you shouldn't go on a diet. You should have a change of eating habit.

To be aware of these weight loss myths is an advantage to avoid having the wrong understanding or information, the individual can achieve successful weight loss - and not just end up being frustrated or disappointed.

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