Why Quick Weight Loss Diets Fail

Following a quick weight loss diet will cause you to lose some weight but we need to look at the reasons why quick weight loss diets fail in the long term. To do this we need to ask ourselves one question, Why is it that when we suddenly realise that we need to lose weight, we want to do it as fast as possible?

Let's be real here for a second, we did not go to bed one night and wake up the next morning to find we had put on an extra 60lbs or more. The weight has crept on over the course of many months so it is safe to assume that we will not lose this extra weight very quickly. In fact trying to lose weight quickly is one of the main reasons why quick weight loss diets fail time and time again.

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If you are in a rush to lose weight you do not give yourself or your body time to adjust and accept a new healthy diet plan. You need to educate not only yourself but also your body in the fact that natural healthy food can be just as filling and delicious as non healthy foods.

You will find that most quick weight reduction programs do just that, they concentrate on making you lose weight fast. What they do not do is teach you any kind of weight maintenance program. So once you lose the weight and stop the quick weight reduction program you can bet that your body will soon pile on the pounds again.

This is not surprising as your body is trying to protect itself against you starving it again in future by storing up larger fat deposits. To be successful at weight reduction the program you follow must include a weight loss maintenance program. This will teach you how to maintain any weight you lost in the long term. This is why quick weight loss diets fail and will continue to fail in the future. Also by following a quick weight losing program can be dangerous as many of these diets include throwing yourself into some form of exercise plan.

If you are looking to lose weight then you need to do it gradually. If you have put on weight over the years you need to accept that it will take many months possibly a year or so to regain your original weight or target weight. One important point you must take into account is that if you are going to start any exercise program and you have not exercised for a long time I would recommend seeking your doctor's advice before doing so.

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