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Hypnosis is a known and trusted method of making lifestyle changes; using hypnosis thousands of people quit smoking, learn to conquer their phobias, stop chewing their fingernails and even lose weight. In fact, thousands of people each year invest in hypnosis for weight loss MP3s and CDs. Most of them successfully lose weight, although, as with any weight management method, a few won't.

Weight loss studies on hypnosis have been known to produce widely varied statistics. This is because hypnosis is not an exact science. A lot of companies in today's market place work hard to prevent hypnosis from being considered a valid weight control method. I bet you know just what kind of companies those are. If you don't know, just turn on the radio or TV and listen for a slimming commercial. The answer will immediately reveal itself. There are big bucks to be made from weight loss.

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Most weight loss studies involving hypnosis almost always contain two groups. One group using traditional weight loss methods and another group using only hypnosis. Never has a study comparing the two groups revealed an insignificant difference in the results. The hypnosis weight loss group always exceeds the traditional group in pounds lost. The data speaks volumes. Statistics indicate that your chances of success increase when hypnosis is used.

There is one important fact you need to know up front. Hypnosis isn't going to miraculously make you 15 or 20 pounds lighter over night; neither hypnotists, CD's or MP3's can melt pounds instantly. Hypnosis is not magic. Remember it took you months, years even, to pack the extra pounds on, so shedding them is going to take some time as well.

However, hypnosis doesn't require that you "diet". Instead you will be retraining your subconscious and developing new behaviours. That means you won't have to actively think about eating smaller portions, you will just automatically want less food. It also means you will make healthier food choices without stressing over them. When you're full you'll just stop eating instead of stuffing yourself to the point of being uncomfortable. Your hypnosis sessions will also include messages that instill you with confidence and improved self-esteem. And believe it or not, you'll soon find that you WANT to exercise. All of these changes take place without any wrestling with yourself over making better choices. Hypnosis subtly changes the way you feel, think about, and interact with food. Hypnosis promotes lasting lifestyle changes, it isn't a diet.

The thought of losing weight without some gimmick or fad to motivate you isn't the "in" thing these days. Neither is losing weight without devoting a huge portion of your day to physical exercise. But popular or not, hypnosis works. If it didn't work, weight loss companies wouldn't be putting so much energy into discrediting it. I think the biggest thing that prevents people from trying hypnosis for weight loss, are the handful of people who didn't succeed; yet if one takes the time to question those people, it is easy to see why they failed -- they went into the program skeptically or against their will, and they expected instant and dramatic losses rather then the steady, much healthier weight reduction that hypnosis brings. You'll hear them say things like, "I spent $150 and two weeks later I'd only lost a pound!"

Undoubtedly, hypnosis can assist in weight loss. But before it will work, you have to want to make changes. Hypnosis cannot force you to do something against your will, so believing that you can succeed is crucial. Believing it can and will work is paramount to succeeding in any hypnosis based program. Hypnosis is an exciting and powerful weight loss tool that you can put to work for yourself today.

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