Rapid Weight Loss Diets - How Safe Are They?

It seems these days that our lives are always hurried, we are always in a rush to get somewhere, to do something, or to get results quickly and weight loss is no different.

We all have varying amounts of weight we want to lose but we would all love to get rid of it as quickly as possible, which is exactly why Rapid Weight Loss Diets are so popular we are all so keen on a quick fix, but are they safe?

Which ever route you take to lose weight there are only three different areas you can lose it from these are water, fat, or muscle tissue. With most diets of this type you will notice an initial drop in weight caused by water loss which gets you off to a good start but it is usually quite short lived and difficult to maintain for any length of time.

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Most methods of losing weight quickly, tend to involve some sort of fast or starvation diet along with methods that are highly calorie restrictive, the problem with these approaches is that instead of losing the fat that you want to get rid of you can actually lose muscle mass which is definitely counter productive and unhealthy.

Your muscle tissue is one of the best things you have for burning calories therefore it is really important to maintain and if possible enhance the amount of muscle you have in order to burn more calories and fat.

So how about diet pills, do they work?

At first they do seem to be good as Rapid Weight Loss Diets go because it will seem that you start to lose weight fairly quickly, however the weight you are losing is water weight due to the diuretic effect that diet pills have and this initial drop in weight is usually short lived.

Once you understand this and get onto a healthy natural weight reduction program then you will experience a diuretic effect but this will happen in a completely natural and unforced way and strangely enough you will need to drink more water in order to keep yourself properly hydrated but the good side effect of this is that drinking plenty of water keeps you from holding onto an excess.

A weight loss program that allows you to retain, and even build muscle tissue is your best bet for rapid weight loss.

So you can lose some weight rapidly, but make sure you choose a natural and healthy weight loss program, and equally important you want to choose a system that will make sure that you keep the weight off permanently so that this weight on / weight off endless yo-yoing is finished forever and then you can enjoy the rest of your life happily in the knowledge that you will never having to worry about what and when to eat again.

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