How to Succeed at Your Weight Loss New Year's Resolutions

So new years will soon be up again and you still have not accomplished your weight loss goals from last year. True to your resolution you bought a gym membership and all those infomercial gadgets that promised you would lose some magic numbers. And these included the bow flex and the good old treadmill.

But one look to your left and that treadmill or bow flex machine is still standing there unused, collecting dust.

So what is the secret to keeping your new year's resolutions? In this article I will show you simple steps to succeeding at your fat loss goals and accomplish your new year's resolution.

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The first step in accomplishing your new year's resolutions is to not to have one! I know this may sound silly but it is not. The problem with most new Year resolution is that you never actually start them. So the first step is to Just start! And one of the reasons why you do not start your new year's resolution diet and exercise plan is because you do not have a solid plan. You have been following fads and diet and workout fads just do not work.

So the second thing you need to do so accomplish your weight loss new Year's resolutions is to use the right fat loss or exercise program.

The best weight loss program is one in which follows the following rules

1. Calories burnt must be more than calories consumed
2. You must have a way of building muscle to boost your metabolism and permanently keep all the weight lost off.

The first rule is simple, you need to burn more calories than you consume in any weight loss new year's resolutions program if you wish to succeed and this can be done by either decreasing the calories consumed by at least five hundred calories a day and performing aerobic activity that allows you to burn at least five hundred calories a session. Once you have a good fat loss program that both reduces the amount of calories consumed and allows you to burn an additional five hundred calories a day, once you have done that you then need to use a good weight training program

A good new year's resolutions weight training program is one which allows you to build the maximum amount of muscle. Building the maximum amount of muscle is key because it allows you to stay lean and lose weight without much effort. One pound of muscle burns 13 calories a day; this means if you gained 10 pounds of muscle you could burn three thousand nine hundred calories a month which amounts to one pound of body fat a month without any additional effort. If you apply these two principles in your new year's resolutions weight loss program there is no way you will not succeed in reaching your weight loss goals.

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