Weight Loss! Preventing Diet Relapses!

Actually as everyone trying to lose weight knows losing weight is simple. Yes the rule is your body must take in fewer calories than is being used. This is a simple weight loss truism. Dieters struggle with that truth. Many will eliminate breakfast in order to cut down on calories. Skipping breakfast is the worst thing they could do for their body. The best eating schedule in any program should be 5 to 6 meals a day.

In turn we want to avoid large calorie meals. Take in meals that are low in calories and provide a balance of protein and carbs along with proper vitamins and minerals. In addition, by eating 5 to 6 meals per day keeps your blood sugar levels consistent. This meal program will maintain your over all health and your energy level throughout the day.

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If losing weight and getting healthy is your primary goal then understanding where you are is your reality. You can take steps toward your primary goal. You are faced with many food choices throughout the day. Now make choices that support your primary goal of losing weight and getting healthy. Does a salad or a cheeseburger support your primary goal? You can start making the right choices now to reach your primary goal.

Everyone has lapses from time to time. If you have a lapse how can you recover? In studies conducted it was found that even a small weight gain was hard to turn back. Studies have shown that those who regained the most weight were least likely to take it off again. That is powerful incentive for you to act quickly on your relapse. So keep weighing yourself regularly. Start weighing yourself every day. Remember daily weigh-ins helps to avoid weight gain or regain.

1. Do Not Panic. Do not despair. Examine what brought on the lapse.
2. Stay Calm. Remind yourself, "One slip-up can be rectified.
3. Refresh your vows. Remind yourself of how far you have come.
4. Learn Success. What overcame you causing your lapse and what to do different?
5. Restart Your Program Right Away.
6. Call For Backup. Seek help from those who are supportive and want you to succeed.

Remember A Lapse Is Temporary - And these are ways to help you get back on track.
Forgive You - We are all human not perfect, seek consistency move forward.
Log Your Food - The first day after a minor lapse log all the calories the day before.
Weight Loss Journey - I am going to be conscientious every day.
Change Pace - Talk with friends take a walk etc.
Support Person - Confess your lapse to your support people for encouragement.

To your weight loss success, health, and happiness,

John Schmidt - Weight Loss Nutritionist Coach

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