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Finding the key to weight loss is a lot easier thanks to advances in medical science.

It wasn't really that long ago that the very best advice you could get for losing weight was "Eat less and move more". That is still good advice, but it hardly constitutes a comprehensive weight loss program. It is also very hard advice to follow for the long term.

In finding the key to weight loss we need to understand what happens physiologically when we start a diet program.

One key element to keep in mind when selecting a weight loss plan is that our bodies are programmed by nature to maintain, not to change. Weight loss is controlled primarily by the metabolism, and the metabolism functions based upon what it expects to receive. If we start a diet program that suddenly changes the amount of food that we eat, or the number of calories that we consume; the metabolism perceives that change as a threat of starvation; and it responds by slowing its' rate in order to conserve calories as a form of self preservation.

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So by eating less in order to lose weight, our bodies respond by trying to conserve weight.

Finding the key to weight loss is actually a matter of finding a weight loss program that is designed around the known effects that dieting has on the body - mainly that dieting typically causes a metabolic slow down, which makes it very difficult to lose weight.

Most weight loss programs try to overcome the metabolic decrease through exercise; and the benefits of any diet - any lifestyle, really - are enhanced through regular exercise; but not every one who wishes to lose weight is a candidate for a vigorous exercise program.

There is one weight loss solution that was developed entirely around the known facts about how the body responds to dieting. This program uses a concept known as "calorie shifting", which avoids the metabolic slow down that other diets cause by means of alternating the types of foods that are eaten; and the times of day in which they are eaten; so as to "mask" the fact that a diet has been undertaken.

Calorie shifting diets also provide the added benefit of being easier to follow due to their less restrictive nature and the fact that they require you to eat often.

Most people find calorie shifting to be a "dream come true" in terms of a diet that is both highly effective and easy to follow.

Finding the key to weight loss has never been easier than it is today.

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