Weight Loss - Will You Do it Once Or a Hundred Times?

Many people take the necessary steps toward weight loss. Unfortunately, most of them end up having to do it over and over again! The truth of the matter is that only 30%-40% of individuals pursuing weight loss ever achieve their goal, and 90% will regain every lost pound within 2 years. The weight loss industry is an estimated $55-$60 billion per/year industry, and much of that money is just regenerated money from the same people trying something different. How then do we achieve a healthy weight and keep it off, so we do not spend money year after year losing the same weight that we lost year?

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There are hundreds of weight loss "diets", methods, gimmicks, or fads. The long-term results of weight loss will always be determined by an individuals ability to eat healthy portion-controlled meals, exercise self-control, and maintain a healthy level of activity. If an individual is unwilling to adopt these principles, they may as well budget for perennial weight loss expenses. They also may as well plan on a host of medical conditions that accompany overweight and obese individuals...especially those who are constantly losing and regaining weight.

The answer to achieving weight loss goals on the very first attempt and maintaining health indefinitely is choosing a program that creates the conditions previously mentioned. A program with built-in healthy portion-controlled meals, a realistic schedule to follow, and recommendations for individualized activities will ensure success during weight long. This type of program is very simple and it can fit into the busiest of lifestyles. In fact, a program that follows this pattern generally makes life simpler than even the unhealthy fast food lifestyle that so many American's currently live.

Many people lose weight using all the "diets", pills, or shots available. However, eventually they go back to their unhealthy lifestyle because they did not learn habits of health. Some foods do need to be removed from our diet in order for the body to burn fat more efficiently and lose weight. This does not mean that you will never again enjoy some of your favorite meals! It is crucial that some foods be reintroduced to our diet systematically. Our bodies are very complex and can experience nutritional shock if certain foods are added back too quickly. The right program will determine a schedule for reincorporating foods back into your diet during a "transition" phase.

The last phase of weight loss never really ends. This is the maintenance phase. It requires self-control and continuation of the habits developed during the first two phases to create and restore health. It is quite simple to maintain a healthy weight when we inform others of our efforts and create habits of health. The solution to long-term weight control will always remain healthy eating and healthy habits.

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