Weight Loss and Ways to Lose Weight

Nowadays because of the exposure and yoga specially, people are more health conscious and being a bit overweight is not cute anymore. In order to lose weight many things have come up recently like yoga, gyms, nice parks where people can go for a jog etc. The health industry along with weight loss industry, all over the world is gaining more importance as people are so weight conscious and being thin or being size 0 is now so in vogue.

The unintentional weight loss happens because of the mismanaged type 1 diabetes mellitus; this is also known as insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. This leads to an excessive amount of glucose and insulin in the bloodstream which is insufficient. This further triggers the discharge of triglycerides form the fat tissues. This eventually leads to the considerable reduction in total body weight this causes a loss of lean mass and the body weight leading in weight loss.

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Weight loss because of a decline in the body fat and the lean mass, infirmity such as certain medications, diabetes, lack of fluid intake could lead to a loss of fluid. Reduction in body's lean mass and body fat along with the loss of fluid aggravates the risk of cachexia.

The intentional weight loss happens due to the intentional effort of a person. It is a conscious effort to increase one's health and become fit which would further lead to a change in appearance and an increase in self esteem. Laying much emphasis on one's eating habits a person can very easily control his/ her weight. Keeping the calories in check and doing a little exercise can get one's weight down significantly. The other method of how a person can go for a weight loss is by taking drugs or by the intake of supplements which would decrease one's appetite.

People normal take an easier option for weight loss and that is crash dieting. Here the person normally avoids food which has carbohydrates and would opt for water based or a protein based diet.

Ways to lose weight

Read the label of the food that is being purchased to know the calorie etc in the food Drink plenty of water Have 5 small meals each day Have more of vegetables, fruits and whole grains Exercise Opt for a low calorie snack

However only best and efficient way to lose one's weight is by natural means and that is by burning calories. To keep a check on the weight, the finest way is BDI (body to mass index) which measures the appropriate weight for a particular age and height. This BDI must fall between 20-25 for fitness, above 25 are considered as obese and below 20 as underweight. Hence good health is good life.

The Diet Solution Program

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