Healthy Weight Loss For Optimum Fat Burning Potential

You might think that anything that incorporates 'healthy' must be a long, slow road to losing weight. But nothing could be further from the truth. Healthy weight loss works WITH your body, rather than AGAINST it, for maximum fat-burning potential. It effectively primes your body for optimum weight loss, naturally.

When you put on weight it is simply a symptom of imbalance. When you restore a balanced relationship with food and your life, you restore balance to your body. Supporting your body's digestion, metabolism and hormonal balance helps the weight to drop off effortlessly and surprisingly quickly. For example, you can increase your fat-burning potential by up to 75% just by how you prepare and chew your food!

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New scientific evidence is blowing apart some long-held myths about diet and lifestyle. It has been discovered that dieting can actually work against the body in a number of different ways. Low-fat diets especially throw the body out of balance. An unbalanced body will struggle all the more to create the right conditions for burning fat and losing weight.

Pills and potions may seem like the magical short-cut to fighting the flab, but they will be of little benefit if you cannot optimize your metabolism and your fat-burning potential by exploiting how, when and what you eat.

Here are just three of the small steps you can take towards healthy weight loss:

Incorporating healthy fats and oils like flax seed oil, olive oil, coconut oil and, yes, even butter in your diet will actually help your body increase its fat-burning potential. Use simple ways to de-stress, such as deep breathing, to reduce the level of stress hormones that, if left unchecked, will actually encourage weight gain. Relaxation also promotes the stress-busting chemicals called endorphins which help in weight loss. Tune up your body clock by eating your main meal in the middle of the day when the sun, and your metabolic potential, is at its peak. It is not a good idea to eat a heavy meal in the evening (unless you are training to be a Sumo wrestler!) De-stressing is an essential part of balancing your weight. Even the process of counting calories, frequent weighing checks and food avoidance create the conditions that increase the fat-promoting stress hormones.

The latest view is that counting calories could be a complete waste of your time. A scientific report called Advice on Low-Fat Diets for Obesity showed that although "calorie restriction can achieve short-term weight loss, the weight loss was not shown to be sustainable in the long-term."

It will not be of any great surprise to you to know that your psychology plays a big part in healthy weight loss. Simple techniques using your mind to help your body can make the difference between success and failure. Even the basic step of being more 'conscious' of what you eat when you are eating it, engages your body's maximum digestive and metabolic capabilities. It is all about connecting your mind with your body.

What is more, it is possible to eat healthily without giving up the foods you love. In fact, it's absolutely essential that you don't!

As you see, there is good reason to pursue healthy ways to lose weight, such as Weight Loss Nutrition, to maximise your chances of success. Because if you are not enhancing your body's latent weight loss potential, you could be on an uphill struggle - whatever fat reduction program you are following.

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