The False Promises of Fast Weight Loss Diets

Every year, usually around the beginning of summer, or around new years resolution time, we see a huge increase in the advertising for fast weight loss diets. I mean I like to go to the beach as much as anyone else, wouldn't it be great if when it was time to don the swim trunks, I could just jump on a fast weight loss diet and hit my goal in no time. That would be fantastic. But it isn't how weight loss works. Unfortunately, weight loss takes time and some amount of work to be effective.

Another downside of fast weight loss diets is, if you actually manage to find one that works in tearing the weight off you, it is terribly unhealthy for you. Weight loss is something that has to be accomplished over time.

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So you want to shed some pounds to get ready for swimsuit season, you made it your new years resolution, or you just want to get healthy. What you need is a plan of attack that will get you to your targeted weight loss goal. The best way that I have found is to use a diet called calorie shifting.

Now you all have seen diets that require you to count your calories and stick to a very regimented diet to reach your weight loss goal. These diets are difficult to stick to because they allow for very small margin of error. Also if you are able to follow these types of diets you will find that usually before you reach your goal you may find that your progress has plateaued. That can be very frustrating.

Calorie shifting follows the same premise of calorie counting but makes it more effective and easier to follow. Essentially, instead of taking in the same amount of calories a day, you alternate days of caloric intake. For instance, if you have determined that you need 1600 calories a day, you should take in 1200 one day and 1900 the next. You want to make sure and alternate the high and low days so that they are different all the time. These changes in intake fool your metabolism into believing that it will not get the same amount of food every day. When your body gets used to a certain amount of calorie intake it stagnates your metabolism and makes it more difficult to lose weight. With a calorie shifting diet, you are also encouraged to have a couple of cheat days a week. On these days, you are encouraged to eat what ever types of foods you want. The only rule for cheat days is you must not eat to excess. If you come away from a meal feeling too full then you have done it wrong.

I have been guilty of searching for the perfect fast weight loss diets. I have tried some really crazy ones too. But the calorie shifting diet has been the find of a lifetime. It has been very easy for me to follow and I am seeing wonderful results. Just remember, it took time to get overweight, and it will take time to take it off.

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