The Dangers of Rapid Weight Loss Programs

You find yourself in a situation where you want to look fit, but the problem of overweight prevents you from doing so. So you decide to lose weight in one go. You do either one of these things: go on a crash diet or an extreme exercise regimen or both to attain rapid weight loss. But trying to adopt such weight loss 'fixes' programs can be extremely harmful to the entire system.

Since the easiest way to do this is to go for a crash diet, most people go for it. But those who are in the know warn us against the perils of such a course. A crash diet might help you achieve significant weight loss in the beginning. But this is not real weight loss but merely the loss of the water weight from within your body. This happens when your body burns excess glycogen which is a kind of glucose that helps to absorb excess fluids in your body.

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However this weight loss lasts only for a short time. As you continue with a crash diet, you will soon hit the 'weight loss plateau'. Once you reach this level, losing weight will become increasingly difficult. In most cases, a phase of weight gain follows this plateau. Eventually you will find yourself regaining all the weight you have already lost and even gaining additional weight in the process. This is what is meant by the yo-yo effect, something like the up and down movements of a yo-yo.

Since the body receives very little in calories during such diet regimens, it is compelled to adjust its metabolism so that fewer calories are burned to do the required bodily activities. As a result the body needs only fewer calories to put on weight. And before the year is out you might find yourself weighing more than ever before. And this state of things can continue for a long time after a low calorie crash diet.

A crash diet can adversely affect your mental and physical well being. Under such a diet, you experience not only an extreme craving for food but also make you highly depressed or irritable. It can produce eating disorders like bulimia, anorexia etc. Since diets low in calories care very restrictive you won't be able to consume healthy foods; this can bring about anemia due to iron deficiency as also vitamin B12, sodium and potassium deficiencies. Sodium and potassium are indispensable for proper nerve and muscle functions. Since they regulate heart function, low levels of these minerals can make you prone to heart attacks. A crash diet is also harmful to the vital organs like brain, heart, liver and kidneys.

Resorting to extreme exercise to achieve weight loss can also be very harmful. Such exercise subjects the tendons and the muscles to excessive wear and tear. A crash diet combined with excessive exercise can play havoc with your body, causing lack of breath, weakness, mood swings and even trauma. This will grow acute as time passes. A sudden weight loss can induce back and thyroid problems too. It also involves extreme sweating and unless the lost fluids are not replenished soon, it will lead to dehydration.

As you see there is no instant magical formula for weight loss. The only way to achieve it is to consume unprocessed but natural foods and go for exercise a few days every week on a moderate to intense basis. And before long you will have a figure that you needn't be ashamed of when in standing in front of a looking glass.

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