Great Weight Loss Motivation Tips - These Will Help You Reach Success at Last

Well, the holidays are fast approaching, and with all that great tasting food laying around, and all the holiday parties to attend, you could probably use some weight loss motivation tips. If there is one thing that seems to happen to everyone during the holidays it is that they eat more. Something else is that many people set goals for the following year, many of which include some form of weight loss. In fact, losing weight is probably the most common new year's resolution.

Goal setting is a great thing and it can really help to achieve weight loss targets. You can use it as a form of motivation, and in fact it is one of the best weight loss motivation tips; set goals. Actually, you should not only set goals, but write them down someplace where you can see them every day. That is a powerful piece of advice, but definitely not the only thing that can help you achieve your weight loss target. Here are some other tips that can help keep you motivated to keep going.

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Tip 1 - Stay busy. If you are just laying about all day, cruising the Internet or watching TV, it's easy to focus on eating. It is actually a double whammy, because you are both eating and leading a sedentary lifestyle. If you find some work, hobbies, or interests, it helps keep you from thinking about eating, or using eating as a form of recreation.

Tip 2 - Set achievable milestones, and promise yourself some sort of prize for reaching them. It works best if the prize is not food related. That breaks up your overall weight loss goal into something more manageable, and faster to achieve. Your overall goal may seem a long way off, but if you set a smaller goal, such as 10 lbs, that is far easier to reach, and you're less likely to become discouraged.

Tip 3 - Visualize being thin. That's not like visualize whirled peas, it is something you can actually do. Like many other things worth doing, it takes some practice to become good at it, but when you do, it is a very powerful motivation technique. One key to success here is to spend at least 10 minutes a day, in two different, five minute blocks visualizing. Paint a picture in your mind of yourself after you've lost the weight. You'll be surprised at how powerful visualization is. You can use it for other motivational tasks as well, but for now we'll stick to weight loss. One thing at a time.

Tip 4 - Write down your weight loss progress and what you eat with every meal. This little tip seems so innocuous, but in reality it is one of the most powerful you will use. It is actually clinically proven to help you lose weight! No, really, it's true. In a study done last year and published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine keeping a journal of what you ate and how much you weigh was the most powerful predictor of weight loss for the large group of over 1,800 test subjects. Go grab a notebook as son as you're finished reading this post (but not before).

Tip 5 - Just Do It!! I'm not talking about the Nike ad, but there is a correlation between getting started and motivation. Once you have been focused on something for a certain amount of time you'll naturally want to keep up the routine. Usually this happens within a month or so.

Tip 6 - Think about this: Every action you take brings you either one step closer to your goal or a step farther from it. With every action you take, ask yourself the question - Is this bringing me a step closer to my goal or is it dragging me a step farther away? Ask that with every single thing you do. No more letting one or two seemingly small things slip through the cracks!

Tip 7 - Use the power of music as motivation! Listen to powerful music that gives you that kick in the pants you need to do that extra set, run that extra 5 minutes or just plain tap your feet, instead of putting them up on the coffee table. Music is proven to elevate your mood (unless you're listening to Carpenters tracks from the '70's) and many people use it to motivate their workouts. You can also use it to keep your mind away from eating as a boredom cure.

Tip 8 - Wear tight clothes that show off your body. That doesn't have to mean skin tight, but avoid the baggy sweats that hide everything. Showing off your body will help make you want to make sure it looks it's best. Another clothing related tip is to make a trip to Goodwill whenever your clothes get too big. Drop off your old, big clothes there, and never look back. You can tie this tip in with tip number 2. Every time you get rid of your old clothes, buy yourself some cool, new ones.

These weight loss motivation tips will help you to get rid of that extra fat and keep it off. Once you start losing weight, that is a powerful motivation in itself.

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