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If you are overweight, then at one time you've probably went to Google and searched for "weight loss tips", only to be bombarded with thousands and thousands of pages claiming to list the best and most effective weight loss tips that you will ever see. A quick read through some of those lists will show you that most of them are nothing but rehashed, unoriginal material that will not benefit you at all.

Personally I got tired of seeing all these weight loss tips that never worked and decided I would write this article where I could share some REAL tips on how to lose weight that actually work. Please stop reading here though if you are not going to put any of these weight loss tips into action. I'm sick and tired of hearing people saying this doesn't work and that doesn't work when they haven't actually tried any of the tips or guides they find because they're so lazy. For the rest of you looking for some serious tips on how to lose weight, read on!

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1. Don't drink lots of water. Yes, I know that every single person in the world and their mother tells you to do this, but that doesn't make it right. The only way drinking water helps you lose weight is that it makes you feel full before you eat and so you eat less. It doesn't "flush" out the fat from your body, nor does it work its "magic" and burn calories. All it does is make you feel full. So, what do you have to do? Well, just drink two cups before each and every meal and you will lose weight indirectly because of this!

2. Tell your boss. If you don't have a job, then tell your friend or someone that you know will laugh in your face if you don't achieve your goal. The number one thing that pushes people beyond their limits is peer pressure. If you know that someone is going to laugh at you for not doing what you said you'll do, then you're going to work extra hard to make sure you do get it done.

3. Compare yourself to others. One of the most ridiculous weight loss tips I've seen so far is one that says not to compare yourself to others. If you don't compare yourself to others then you will never feel the need to become better. If you just look at yourself in the mirror everyday and tell yourself that you look fine and that you're satisfied with the way you look, then you will never work harder to become any better.

That's all I got for now, I won't be giving you the other rehashed tips like "eat your veggies" and stuff like that, since you probably already know those weight loss tips. But if you really want those tips you can check out our website below.

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