Hypnosis Weight Loss in Television Challenge

Losing weight through the use of hypnosis is not uncommon now. Scientifically speaking, hypnosis has been proven as one of the best ways to achieve goals, such as quitting smoking. More recently people have reached out to hypnosis for assistance in other areas - and they have discovered this is a wonderful way to decrease weight and, more than this, make certain the weight stays off.

Lately, the media has really taken notice of the increasing popularity of this particular weight loss system. At the end of the day, health issues of being overweight have a major impact on the entire country, so seeing hypnotherapy weight loss regularly mentioned on TV as a tried and tested solution for weight loss isn't a surprise.

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Dateline NBC recently followed 6 people attending their high school reunion. Their 25th anniversary was coming up and they had 10 months to reach their goals, each one desired to lose a certain amount of weight and they all had to try to lose weight a different way. This system was designed to see how well different weight loss solutions will work.

The option of choosing a different weight control route to follow was given to each member of the group. Such methods included Weight Watchers, vigorous exercise, the Atkins diet, the Slim Fast program, and (lest we forget) hypnotherapy weight loss.

Of course it's simple to say hypnosis helps you lose weight and keep it off. What's clear is that a method like this changes your attitude about food so that changing your eating habits in turn becomes a fairly simple process. You just need to really want to lose weight.

However, for reinforcement the NBC show brought up some fascinating results. The man who chose hypnotherapy was in first place at three months and second place at the five month point with 39 pounds of weight loss. Does second place not sound that great? First place went to the person on the Atkins diet, but as with any extreme diet there is a risk of health problems and a chance of regaining the weight as soon as regular eating recommences.

Hypnothrapy weight loss can change the way you eat for a lifetime, and it can change the way you view food and why you eat it. It also reinforces a positive attitude when it comes to working out and eating well. So It becomes easier to control your weight because you will maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle in a totally subconscious way. Also the benefits don't end because once you've rewired your thinking the change is permanent, unlike being on a particular diet plan.

Also, the wife of the man who chose hypnotherapy was so inspired with how it worked that she joined up for stop smoking sessions since it was so effective for him. She has also benefitted from it!

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