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When reading health and weight loss diet magazines regularly, it is a given fact that you will eventually come across different tips on weight loss. When choosing to follow through with any of these "tips", you need to be extra careful, as some of them can work, but some of them can be harmful to you. Harmful tips generally fall into fad diets, or supplements and weight loss pills. The most guaranteed way to lose weight and keep it off is through a healthy diet and exercise. The problem is that there are many misconceptions and harmful information, often caused by twisting the truth for personal gain, or out of simple ignorance. In the following article we will go over a few of these weight loss myths.

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The first, most common misconception: spot reduction of fatty areas is possible. This is far from true. In this, I am certain, that most weight loss trainers will ultimately agree. There is no way to guarantee weight loss in a specific area, no matter what you try to do. You can do exercises to firm your stomach. These exercises will entice the muscles to grow. Therefore, fat around the stomach will be burnt over time. You cannot count on these exercises alone. You need to workout your entire body and follow a healthy diet to quicken your metabolism. This will help you to achieve your goals.

Drastically cutting down your calorie intake will reduce your body's fat content. No! In fact, this misconception has managed to bring many people to crash dieting as a quick way to shed those unwanted extra pounds. However, they do not realize just how harmful to their body this is. In reality, when you starve yourself, or fast, your body believes it is going to die, and immediately switches on 'starvation mode'. When in this mode, your metabolism slows down, and your body feeds itself on muscle, keeping fat in reserve, to produce necessary energy. By doing this, you do not lose fat at all, and only succeed in losing important muscle mass. Then, when you finally return to your regular diet routine, not only will you gain back the lost pounds, but you will gain extra weight as well.

Finally, many believe that cardio and aerobic exercises by themselves are enough for weight loss. Yes, cardio exercises are conducive to losing unwanted fat, but it is important to remember that this is not the only exercise that is good for weight loss. Weight lifting is better to build muscles and lose weight. However, cardio work outs will build the aerobic capacity and help with endurance and hence, burn calories. Weight lifting not only helps you burn unwanted fat, but also turns it into vital muscle mass.

I do hope that some of the actual truths regarding weight loss and the choices available to you will give you the right information so you can expose weight loss diets that are harmful.

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