Rapid Weight Loss Diet - 4 Diet Principles You Can Use to Lose Weight Quickly

These days, a lot of people are trying to quickly lose weight using a rapid weight loss diet. There are many reasons why someone wants to achieve a rapid weight loss. If you're one of those people, then you certainly can achieve quick fat loss if you know exactly the correct way to diet. Here are 4 principles of a rapid weight loss diet.

Eat smaller meals - The first principle of a rapid weight loss diet is to eat smaller meals. You should eat smaller meals 5-6 times a day instead of 3 big meals. The way to get your body to continuously burn fat is to maintain your metabolism at a high level. Eating smaller meals throughout the day will help you to accomplish that effectively.

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Vary your carbohydrate intake - If you provide your body with a consistent supply of carbohydrate, it'll get comfortable very quickly using only carbs as an energy source, and never gets to burn fat. So you need to confuse your body by varying the amount of carbs you eat each day. That way, your body will be able to burn more fat as its energy source.

Drink plenty of water - The next principle of a rapid weight loss diet is to drink plenty of water. Drinking water helps your body maintain a higher rate of fat burning process. If your body doesn't get enough water, its metabolism will slow down, which will result in a lower rate of fat burning. So make sure you drink enough water everyday to keep your body hydrated.

Cheat every 7 days - If you maintain a strict diet everyday for an extended period of time, your body will adapt to it by slowing its metabolism to a lower level, which will also lower its fat burning ability. This is the point where many fat loss plateaus happen. To prevent this from happening, you need to be off your diet every once in a while to let your body know everything is fine. I find that taking a day off from your rapid weight loss diet every week is very helpful to maintain a constant rate of weight loss.

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